Anonymous asked:

Dear Maria, Count Me In

jalexaremyhomeboys answered:

haven’t done a lyric analysis in a while! 

okay, alex wrote this about a friend he went to school with, i believe, and he apparently bumped into her and learned that she worked as a stripper now and he thought it was actually pretty cool. so he wrote a song about it and i guess this is the concept that followed.

i got your picture, i’m coming with you, dear maria, count me in. there’s a story at the bottom of this bottle and i’m the pen. — i assume this is him introducing the story. i sorta see it like… he’s a fan of this stripper and he intends to go where she goes. he’ll have a story to tell about their night once he’s had a drink, hence the bottle. but when i first listened to the song it always made me think of letters in a bottle that people throw in the ocean sometimes, haha!

when the lights go up, i wanna watch the way you take the stage by storm. the way you wrap those boys around your finger, go on and play the leader, ‘cause you know it’s what you’re good at. — she’s a natural at her performance, and has the looks and skill to have people drooling at her feet.

the low road for the fast track, make every second last. — he might mean she’s taking the low road of careers; stripping isn’t exactly looked to be the best option for a job, but it’s the fast track because it’s bringing her great success. she’s making a great deal of money doing this supposedly terrible job, so she should savour it.

make it count when i’m the one who’s selling you out, ‘cause it feels like stealing hearts calling your name from the crowd. — alex is selling her out because he’s likely giving her money to perform for him. it’s also making me think that in this concept, he becomes her manager or something of the sort; her boss. stealing hearts is probably referring to all the other boys in the crowd who desperately want her but they aren’t going to get her and alex knows that.

live and let live, you’ll be the showgirl of the home team, i’ll be the narrator telling another tale of the american dream. — to live and let live means to tolerate other people’s opinions so that hopefully in turn, they tolerate yours. this could be to do with the fact that alex and his stripper partner aren’t going to care if people look down on the occupation, because they’re successful. this is another line that makes me think they become business partners of sorts. you all probably know what the traditional american dream is; alex and this girl are achieving it by what they’re doing.

i see your name in lights. we can make you a star. girl, we’ll take the world by storm, it isn’t that hard. — again, making me think they’re partners, alex’s intention is to make her unique performances famous and it won’t be difficult with her talent and looks. 

take a breath, don’t it sound so easy? never had a doubt, now i’m going crazy, watching from the floor. — alex never doubted that she’d make it big and now that she has, it makes him crazy to watch her because quite simply, he probably wants in her pants. he doesn’t want to be watching from the floor, he wants to be up there with her. 

take a breath and let the rest come easy, never settle down ‘cause the cash flow leaves me always wanting more… — it’ll come easy because she’s so good at what she does and alex never wants to do anything else in his life because the money is great. i suppose it could mean two things. from the stripper’s point of view, don’t ever stop because she’s earning bucket-loads. from alex’s point of view, he can keep doling out money to her and she’ll keep dancing; the money makes him want more because as long as he can pay, she’ll dance, and that’s what he wants to see.